Thank you for using the JCV Face Recognition Service "Sense ID."
SenseID provides an easy-to-use AI Face Recognition service. Designed for all types of online authentication scenarios to ensure the security and compliance of your online business, SenseID offers features such as photo quality checks, face comparisons, and liveness detection based on a server and edge combination.
SenseID server (private cloud) offers two models, 1v1 (Face Comparison) and 1vN (Face Search). Here, different manuals are provided for each model. This manual is for "Sense ID 1v1 V1.8.0". To switch between other models and versions, click on the upper left of the screen and select the target model and version.
You can access the manual for the SenseID liveness detection SDK here.
Manuals are subject to revision. For details, refer to the revision history page in each manual.
Last modified 1yr ago
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